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Recording of Talks of AMMM 2020 - Video on Demand

Please find here the recordings of the AMMM 2020.  |  Complete list of all contributions  |  Vol 2 No 1 (2020): Trans. AMMM

Session 1: Anti-Corona Aids and Devices 1

3D Printing for COVID pandemic response: laryngoscopes, ventilators, and beyond

Leonid Chepelev

Novel Design and Development Process for 3D-Printed Personal Protective Equipment against COVID-19

Jack Stubbs

Use of AM technologies to face the Covid-19 emergency

Stefania Marconi

Ramping-up 3D-printed corona devices – additive manufacturing opposing injection moulding

Thomas Lück

Session 2: Material Properties, Structural Design, and Printing Technologies 1

Structural Static Characterization of a Novel 3D Printed Prosthetic Foot

Fabián Porras

3D Additive manufacturing of shapeshifting scaffolds: polymeric and ceramic solutions

Darius Gailevičius

Sensors integration in additive DMLS metal parts

Giorgio De Pasquale

Recent Applications of 3D Microfabrication by Two-Photon Polymerization in Medicine and Biology

Jochen Zimmer

Session 3: Scaffolds, Implants, and Drug Delivery Systems 1

Dimensional consistency of SLM printed orthopaedic implants designed using lightweight structures

Lina Yan

Mechanical performances of lightweight structures for orthopaedic implants

Lina Yan

Sintering behavior of 3D printed barium titanate composite scaffolds for bone repair

Christian Polley

Session 4: Medical Phantoms for Planning, Training and Quality Assurance

3D-printing of elastic stenosis phantoms

Thomas Friedrich

Determination of the critical closing pressure for a 3D printed collapsible model of an idealized upper airway geometry

Alina Ibbeken

Exploring realistic haptics for 3D-printed organ phantoms in surgery training in VR and AR

Hans Nopper

Additively manufactured anatomical heart model for performance evaluation of aortic valve implants

Juliane Kuhl

Comparing Technologies of Additive Manufacturing for the Development of Modular Dosimetry Phantoms in Radiation Therapy

Marie Wegner

Session 5: Medical Phantoms for Planning, Training and Quality Assurance

Biomechanical analysis of a novel external fixator with finite element method

Mohammed Alqahtani

3D laser microfabrication of medical devices

Linas Jonušauskas

Comparing pediatric airway variability to standard laryngoscope sizes for 3D printing patient specific blades

Fluvio Lobo

Using 3D printing to implement a hyperthermia insert for a preclinical MPI scanner

Huimin Wei

Session 6: Scaffolds, Implants, and Drug Delivery Systems II

Polydopamine Functionalized 3D Printed Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering

Leela Raghava Jaidev Chakka

Mechanical performances of lightweight structures for orthopaedic implants

Natalia Rekowska

Strategies to evaluate alginate based bioinks applying extrusion printing for biofabrication

Rainer Detsch

Novel co-axial extrusion printing head for tissue engineering

Jiong Yang

Application-specific software supporting engineers and physicians to manage risks in 3DP

Martin Herzmann

Session 7: Anti-Corona Aids and Devices II

3D printing workflows for printing individualized personal protective equipment: an overview

Matteo Meglioli

Design of 3D-printable nasopharyngeal swabs in Matlab for COVID-19 testing

Yilun Sun

3D printing of frames for anti-coronavirus face shields using different processes and materials

Erik Westphal

Session 8: Material Properties, Structural Designs, and Printing Technologies II

Digital design and fabrication of controlled porosity, personalized lower limb AFO splints

Mazher Mohammed

Surface processing of Additively Manufactured articles for the improvement of antimicrobial properties

Luis Folgar

Mechanical performance of electronically functional smart textiles

Shweta Agarwala

3D selective laser glass etching for medical applications

Agne Butkute


Metrology of additively manufactured lattice structures by X-ray tomography

Anton du Plessis

Applications of 3D printing in Medical Training, Surgical Planning and Patient Specific Medical Devices

Jack Stubbs

Corrosion of Additively Manufactured Metallic Implants

Noam Eliaz

Point-Of-Care 3D Printing – Where do we stand?

Philipp Brantner

Development and integration of AM lattice structures to reliable technological solutions

Giorgio De Pasquale

Recent advances in biomanufacturing

Paulo Jorge Bártolo

Biomimetic 3D Bioprinting

Bahattin Koc

Functional and anatomical 3D-printed models for cardiovascular research and education

Francesco Moscato