Technical Details for Presenters


If your contribution has been scheduled for a Talk, your presentation will be 15 minutes long (12 min talk + 3 minutes discussion). Please upload your presentation latest in the break before your session. Please announce yourself shortly before the session to the Session-Chair. You do not have a poster presentation, if your contribution has been scheduled for talk.

Poster Presentation

If your contribution has been scheduled for a Poster Presentation you will be active in two slots.

First Slot: You will give an 1 min advertisement talk (Teaser Talk) on stage to the plenum on Thursday, between 11:45 and 12:45. Do not present more than 2 slides (first page: introducing your group or institution; second page: presenting your main finding and conclusion). You have 60 seconds only. There will be no discussion. Further 30 seconds follow your Teaser Talk for changing to the next presenter.
Please send your two Teaser-Talk Slides as single pdf-file to not later than September 04, 2020. Code your file name as follows: S03Pxx-PresenterName.pdf. The two-page presentations of all the speakers will be compiled to one single file to ensure continuous flow of presentations. You do not have the option to use your own laptop or upload your teaser talk at the conference. 

Second Slot: There are two poster sessions: P01-P17 on Thursday and P18-P34 on Friday. You are expected to stand in front of your poster for extensive discussions on Thursday or on Friday, depending on the assigned Poster ID. Please, prepare your poster in A0-Format: 841 mm width x 1189 mm height (33.1 × 46.8 in). Portrait format will be optimal. All posters can be exhibited during the entire conference.